Rejuvenation & Repair

The LA Skin Facial
Our clinical approach to the classic facial. Tailored for each individual client using a blend of enzymes, high concentrations of vitamin C and other valuable nutrients to quickly rejuvenate and repair the skin followed by a soothing and hydrating collagen blanket mask.

DNA™ CryoStem Live Cell Facial
DNA™ Moisture+Firming Facial

By introducing living, genetically flawless, embryonic stem cells to human skin, older and weaker cells begin to replicate into future generations of younger, stronger and more youthful looking skin.
Recommended 8 Treatments for Optimal Results

Intraceuticals™ Hyperbaric O2 Facial
Intraceuticals™ Hydro+Lift O2 Facial

The infusion of Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin C and 95% pure oxygen under hyperbaric pressure allows the skin to maximize its oxygen surface level concentration as it boosts moisture, evens out fine lines, clarifies color and accelerates tissue repair.
Recommended 8 Treatments for Optimal Results

LiteLift™ PhotoRejuvenation
NASA designed LED light-wave medical technology stimulates cell growth, boosts collagen production, speeds up healing time after injury or surgery and adds fullness and volume to aging skin . Pigmentation, sun damage, aging, redness and broken capillaries all reduced without discomfort, redness or downtime.
Recommended 8 Treatments for Optimal Results

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